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Plaistow is an operating farm of 240 acres [90 hectares] being only a miniscule section of the original 10,000 acres grazing right. Some of the land has been used for cropping in the past but now is used as a grazing property. For the past 20 years only goats and a small number of cattle have grazed the land.

Angora goats.  The Skilbecks have been breeding angora goats for over thirty years and have a herd of does and wethers kept for mohair. We try to have kidding in September each year and shear the animals twice a year in the months of June and December. All mohair is sent to Melbourne for sale. It is usual to have one or two angora kids raised on a bottle.

  • Dairy goats. We also have a small herd of dairy goats based on Anglo Nubian and Saanen breeds. Again we usually kid in September and October. We milk morning and evening each day with milk and cream being used by us and the angora and dairy goats kids being fed milk.  Farm visitors are welcome to join in feeding and milking..
  • Cattle. For several years we have had a small herd of cattle. They are beef breeds and have been used to heavily graze pastures to eat rough grasses left by the goats.
  • Poultry.  Over fifteen breeds of poultry are kept mainly as a hobby however we also enjoy fresh eggs year round. Each year we use clucky hens to breed our replacement birds for the next year. As a result there are usually chickens during the summer months for visitors to observe or maybe hold. Visitors are also welcome to help in feeding or egg collections and also to buy fresh farm eggs to take home.
  • Maremma dog. Like all farms we have a dog. In our case Cass is guardian dog who lives with the animals to protect them from predators. As a result she is not a pet.

For further information please feel free to contact us.

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